Colditz Castle guided tour

For this year’s excursion we invite you to join us on a visit to Colditz Castle  – so everyone who missed it in 2012 – and everybody who wanted to visit again – here is your chance:

Saturday, 2 June 2018, 14:00 hrs.

Registration by Wednesday, 16 May, please, under .
Please also state if you will travel by car and for how many passengers you would be able to offer a lift.
Colditz Castle has an impressive story to tell as a PoW camp during World War II – a story virtually everybody in Britain has heard of but surprisingly few people in Germany. It’s a story of great inventive power (ever come across a wooden sewing machine?) and daring escape attempts, many of them successful, from what the Nazis considered as the ultimate escape-proof camp. So, come and join us for a guided tour (in English) of a really extraordinary place and its Anglo-German history. As we need to pre-book the guided tour, please don’t miss the 16 May deadline.

Facts and figures:

Excursion to Colditz Castle, extensive guided tour to start at the castle at 14:00 hrs on 2 June, registration by 16 May. Entry fee will be 18 € per person, and 15€ for DBG Dresden members; individual transport by private cars, to be arranged after registration.

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