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"22 Days 'til Christmas - Snow In London" - by

Season’s Greetings 2013

Dear DBG Dresden Members & Friends,

2013 was a very good and busy year for us at the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, with events ranging from a pub quiz on British Music, a summer picnic and a trial run at the Dresden Cricket Club to our presentation on British Traces in Dresden and our Bonfire Night festivities.

The Gesellschaft has continued to grow during 2013, now counting 25 members and a Facebook-circle of 238 friends (up from 188 last year).

We would like to thank all of you, and particularly our members, for your great support and loyalty!

In 2014, we will continue with our regular Open Meetings, usually scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month and taking place at “England, England”.

The first such meeting in 2014 will take place on Wednesday, 15 January 2014, 7 pm, @ England, England and you are cordially invited to come along for a little chat!

In addition to our Open Meetings, a number of events in 2014 will also provide us with some cues and ideas for our activities, as we will take the upcoming European Elections in May as an opportunity to look into Britain’s strained relationship with the European continent and will also follow closely the events surrounding the upcoming Scottish referendum in September, to name but two examples.

As one of the highlights in 2014, we will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in June.

And – last but not least – our “field trip 2014” will take us to the British Embassy in Berlin sometime in spring 2014 – however, this will be a members-only event!

Returning to the present, however, we would like to share with you a little historical Christmas treat

May you all have a safe and merry Holiday Season and a very happy New Year

Best wishes from all of us

Anna-Maria Gramatté
Bea Pätzold
Bettina Schötz
Janosch Pastewka
Rainer Barzcaitis